The way we search for content on TV has not changed since its inception – we channel surf. Not only do satellite and digital cable guides feel antiquated, but the problem is magnified by the hundreds of channels we now have to search for a program. Peel revolutionizes the way we watch and discover content on TV.


Using a free iPhone app (and soon Android) and the Peel Fruit hardware, users can click on a movie or show, search by name, or consult their viewing habits learned by the system. The brand principle is to “peel back” the tedious layers of the channel guide and the monotony of channel surfing. This idea is used in the design of the brand, products and UI as an intuitive product ecosystem. Peel sets itself apart in its revolutionary functionality, the design aesthetics are different than standard TV equipment. In order to relay the phone signal to the TV and other AV equipment, the Peel Fruit is the centerpiece of the product system and is designed to be displayed and celebrated. Each friendly peripheral is a simplified fruit (Pear, Apple, Orange) set at a slight angle, with the lower portion functioning as a large IR window that relays the phone signal to the TV. Instead of being yet another remote, with scores or buttons and a 200 page manual; Peel is fun and friendly, and it keeps its cutting edge technology nearly invisible.



  • IDEA Awards

    • Finalist - Entertainment Category, PEEL, 2013

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