Movado Edge Special Edition

A year after the introduction of the Edge collection for Movado – the brand’s first major design partnership with an industrial designer since the launch of the iconic Museum Dial watch in 1947, we are presenting the Signature Edition Edge collection.

Edge is the new generation of design simplicity with a dial made of a single machined part. The distinctive sculptural sixty textured ridges outline its circumference while the dot, which symbolizes the sun at high noon, is elevated and pronounced in an emerging volcano-like shape.

The material innovation design is a reflection of the ongoing partnership with Movado and our commitment to continually evolve the Edge collection which has been an instant hit since launch. Movado and Yves Behar are committed to continue to explore the brand’s modernist legacy, through new minimalist single-material dial designs and new material possibilities.

Taking the Edge dial to an organic expression by adding a textural landscape has been a research and exploration endeavor since the launch of the Movado Edge in 2015. The Signature Edition utilizes a unique process of a single-cast stainless steel dial, which is then sandblasted in circular patterns. The result is a randomized and organic texture, that is always changing under different light and can appear similar to lava rock.


The surface of the face is made of stainless steel with a sand blast finish to create an organic and random texture, reminiscent of lava rock, hinting at nature while adding depth to the watch’s dial. To accentuate the beautiful new texture, we’ve added color options including a stunning new shade of blue we call 'Deep Blue.'

While the original bezel was meant to be discreet, we added a color accent with new rose gold detailing for the Signature Edition; the rose gold is also applied to the volcanic dot, and extended to the watch screws. Drawing attention to these delicate features, and creating a surprise and new aesthetic all its own, underlines how Edge is a platform for aesthetic and functional experimentation and new directions. This Signature Edition watch celebrates those details, with subtleties one can continue to discover over time.



  • Fast Company Innovation by Design Awards

    • Honorable Mention - Movado Edge Special Edition, Product, 2017

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