The future of furniture

The future of furniture

What if you could see the furniture you want in context before you buy it? Better yet, what if you could personalize designer dimensions, proportions and details right from your phone? The team at Tylko are making this a reality – well, an augmented reality.

For the past eighteen months, Yves Behar has acted as a strategic advisor to Tylko, helping perfect the user experience, and designing the Hub Table – a design that can transform from a coffee table to a conference table before your very eyes. “I’ve always thought that the perfect furniture design is adaptable to individual needs while following a specific design intent. The Tylko technology and user experience means one can create bespoke furniture pieces with individual preferences, while still getting a designer’s vision and direction” says Yves.

Now anyone can build, detail, shape and color the ideal furniture piece for their home. Craft, tradition, technology and iconic designs that truly fit your space.

Find out more about Tylko here.

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