Hive active heating thermostat

Hive active heating thermostat

For most, the connected home is still a techy idea. In working with the Hive team at British Gas, we focused on the idea of accessible technology, an easy to use interface and a timeless while adaptable industrial design for the UK general public.

The new Hive thermostat is not only beautiful in appearance, but is innately designed to guide users through a seamless, intuitive on-device user experience. Hidden underneath the thermostat’s mirrored surface that reflects the home’s environment is a discreet LCD display. The central dial, a classic icon of the thermostat, becomes a natural tool to guide the interface. Unlike complicated systems requiring user manuals, the new Hive thermostat asks questions to easily build out heat and hot water settings; any changes can be done using the device, or of course, from a phone.

Unlike other tech products of today, the Hive thermostat is meant to live in a home for years, even a decade. The design is meant to have longevity, while the changeable color and material frames make the product adapt to a range of home décor as well as a new homeowner.

The home of the future is at the same time uncomplicated and very smart. The Hive thermostat is both of those, and more.

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